sword art online sadder than grave of the fireflies, confirmed

the only reason someone should cry while watching Sword Art Online is when they realized they watched multiple episodes of Sword Art Online

6,648 plays
but i won’t be home for like another month
yeah but THEN you get to see everything



I can’t forget this picture 

god. god. god. i want to show you guys my cool characters for SGPSRPG but i shall not. i shall not. i shall not.

at least its only 2 weeks until i go home, and then i’ll show marcie everything because marcie gets to know all my story things B)

tell me why u follow me on anon


This has so much potential to be cool

glopping is only one letter away from clopping

my god. the creator of sao is a brony

what the actual fuck, Frost?
sword art online is a story with compelling characters, original plotline, and is well-written

two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it endlessly flowed into Asuna